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Documens Distribution is always looking for new resale partners. Being a distributor, our role is to redirect customers towards you, our resellers. We have been in existence for 27 years thanks to our network. We like to think that we are helping each other by sharing information and increasing our profitability.


Here are some advantages of working with us:

Documens Distribution offers bilingual service with a solid expertise of the software world.

Let us know if you are looking for a specific solution; we will do everything in our power to get you the product requested.

No need to fill out any forms. We invite you to pay your first 2 orders via credit card; you will be eligible to payment terms afterwards.

We make sure our customers receive their licenses in due time.

Stay connect by following Documens Distribution on « Twitter », « Facebook », « LinkedIn » and through our monthly mailings.

Find out more about our laboratory and offer a quick service of capital importance to your customers!

No minimum order required!