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Hop! Study

Hop! Study is the perfect software to make life easier, develop better work methods, and get higher grades.

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Four basic tools

Hop! Study features four ways to organize information efficiently:

  1. Cards that help you record and save a large quantity of information.
  2. Diagrams you can use to create outlines, concept maps, flowcharts, and more.
  3. Timelines and numerical scales to organize sequential information.
  4. Question-and-answer cards to help you study.

Study aids

Hop! Study is the “Swiss-knife” equivalent of a study tool. It is packed with easy-to-use resources that adapt to your varying needs.

  • 11 project templates with information on how to do most types of schoolwork (such as reading summaries, oral presentations).
  • 70 templates to help complete schoolwork faster.
  • A testing environment which allows users to review previously organized content and obtain their results in the form of a percentage.
  • A planner to distribute projects throughout the school year.