Hop! Study

Hop! Study is the perfect software to make life easier, develop better work methods, and get higher grades.



Four basic tools

Hop! Study features four ways to organize information efficiently:

  1. Cards that help you record and save a large quantity of information.
  2. Diagrams you can use to create outlines, concept maps, flowcharts, and more.
  3. Timelines and numerical scales to organize sequential information.
  4. Question-and-answer cards to help you study.

Study aids

Hop! Study is the “Swiss-knife” equivalent of a study tool. It is packed with easy-to-use resources that adapt to your varying needs.

  • 11 project templates with information on how to do most types of schoolwork (such as reading summaries, oral presentations).
  • 70 templates to help complete schoolwork faster.
  • A testing environment which allows users to review previously organized content and obtain their results in the form of a percentage.
  • A planner to distribute projects throughout the school year.